Tentang Awak

About Us

Kedai Awak, is Medan’s favourite hangout for food & drinks. Popularly known as Cafe Awak, we strive to provide the best experience to our guests.

Kedai Awak pronounced Kede Awak means Kedai = Shop, Awak = Me, Or You. When it combined together it means, my shop and your shop. Where you can do what ever you want to do from dining, playing games, internet, or just having a lovely cup of coffee in the evening. Its everyone shop.

Our menus and drinks inspired by local street food and we take it to another level of awesomeness. Giving more taste, more choice of flavor, and more atmosphere of your choice.

What makes hangout at our cafe so special?

At Kedai Awak, we believe a superb hangout time requires 4 ingredients:

A blending of tastes that delight, energize and yet comfort the palate.
A plate that pleases the eye and makes you want to take a picture before you dive in.
Choices of drinks that compliments the tastes on your plate.
Great Atmosphere to make sure you spend a good time.

So, please come to our shop and get the best experience.

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